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Alcántara Asociados S.A.S. and Comercializadora Baldini S.A. -hereon referred to as BOSI-, owners of the BOSI, BOSI BAMBINO, ADDICT BY BOSI and ADT MOTOWEAR brands, is committed to protecting its clients right to privacy and, in general, of any person who provides information to the Company through our website. The following policies explain how BOSI collect, protect, and use the information received:




 BOSI may on occasion request information from its clients, whose response is always voluntary. This information will be used to better understand the tastes, preferences, and needs of our clients. It will also serve to keep them informed about new products, services, and sales. 




In order to better understand the needs of our users and provide better service, this site uses cookies to collect non-identifiable information about the preferences and interests if its users. Cookies are any string of text that requests authorization to be placed in a computer hard disk. If the user accepts, the explorer will include the text in a small file with the purpose of notifying us when the user visits our site. The information collected in this way is provided to partner companies and is used by them to create anonymous profiles for any purpose, including but not limited to the development, manufacturing and marketing of products, and may be marketed, distributed and used by BOSI and its partners. The information provided to these companies does not include and will never be combined with personal data that enables the identification of a specific individual (such as name, address or e-mail address), or any information that may be considered sensitive or can compromise the privacy of the users.




BOSI will not sell, market or transfer personal information that is voluntarily provided to us. BOSI is protected by a firewall, a tool that enables us to control the privacy of the data in our system. The personal information of our users is only accessible to a limited number of people with special rights to access these systems and who are committed to protecting the privacy of the information. BOSI will in all cases enter into confidentiality agreements with the companies contracted to process the information, in order to guarantee the respect for said information.




BOSI may on occasion enter into partnerships with other companies to carry out activities of interest to its clients, such as contests, sales, special offers, etc. The information provided voluntarily to participate in these activities may be used by the companies that make part of these partnerships.




In order to be removed from our client data bases, you may contact us at or call our Contact Center at 01 8000 11 2674. All information that identifies you (name, address, etc.) will be immediately deleted.




If you wish to be removed from our mailing lists, please inform us of your decision at or call our Contact Center at 01 8000 11 2674.




The spirit of our policies will always be to guarantee the respect, confidentiality and privacy of your information. Our policy changes will never contemplate the possibility of selling, marketing, or transferring your information to third parties.




Upon accessing or using this site, The User agrees to, and by this act alone it is understood that The User understands, the following conditions:


Upon entering this site, The User agrees to provide correct and truthful personal information, and to update this information as required. BOSI, owners of the BOSI, BOSI BAMBINO, ADDICT BY BOSI AND ADT MOTOWEAR brands, are not responsible for the interpretation, analysis and understanding of the contents published in this site. The User is responsible for the access to and use of the information published in jurisdictions where such material and content is prohibited by law. Any conflict that may arise as a result of this site, its content, the material published, etc., as well as its use by The User shall be governed by the laws in force in the Republic of Colombia.


BOSI reserve the right to unilaterally and without notice modify the content and services rendered through this site. Consequently, all operations, services, transactions, etc. made after the modification of terms and conditions shall be governed by the new text. BOSI, owners of the ADDICT by Bosi brand, will allow access to other Internet sites through “links”; the inclusion of these links to this site does not compromise the thinking or actions of the two companies, nor are they responsible for the content and administration of said links. In addition, the fact that BOSI allow access to such sites does not imply the existence of subordination, control or financial relationships between these companies and the owners of the links.


The trademarks, trade names, slogans, banners, logos or any other distinctive signs and other intangible goods used, published, inserted or included in this site are the exclusive property of BOSI and are protected under national and international industrial and/or intellectual property laws. Moreover, the texts, videos, photos, maps, graphic designs, drawings, animations, special effects, splash, voice, surveys, forums, and other elements that the companies include as a source of creativity and innovation, design, textures, logos, advertising spots, and software are protected by national and international copyright, industrial property and new technology laws. Consequently, such elements may not be used for commercial purposes without prior authorization in each case and in writing from BOSI


BOSI prohibits the user from uploading onto, or transmitting to or from this Site any material that is illegal, threatening, libelous, defamatory, obscene, scandalous, pornographic or profane, or any other material that could give rise to civil or criminal liability under the law.


BOSI authorize the personal (not commercial) use of the contents of this site as long as the source is cited and the national and international copyright laws in force are respected. Reproduction, modification, copy, publication, transmission or distribution of any content contained in the page and linked sites are illegal. The non-proprietary and proprietary rights recognized under copyright laws are owned by BOSI and these companies will be afforded all existing legal protection.


For BOSI this website constitutes a creative expression equivalent to that of a physical publication. The contents of this website; the design and layout; the source code; the interactive proposal there; etc. are protected elements and this entitles BOSI to pursue any civil, criminal or administrative actions permitted under law against any person who improperly uses said elements.


Terms updated on July 26th 2013

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